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Raidmax X08 Tempered Glass Both Sides (GPU 400mm) ATX G-RAIDMAX-Dynacor IT & Gaming Solutions


Raidmax X08 Tempered Glass Both Sides (GPU 400mm) ATX G

R 3,025.00

With its ground-breaking interior design, which offers a full assembly capacity and expandability for PC enthusiasts to create an advanced or a massive liquid cooling system. The Raidmax X08 Tempered Glass chassis is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a chassis with superior expansion and unparalleled cooling performance.


  • Tempered Glass Gaming Chassis
  • Aluminium-alloy exoskeleton to make an ultra-sturdy build with style
  • Tempered glass panels, allowing users to showcase their hardware
  • Full metal design
  • Mid-sized gaming chassis
  • Supports up to 360mm liquid cooling systems
  • Supports 400mm length VGA cards and 150mm high CPU coolers

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